Basic Membership

$144 /yr

plus $12 per meeting for dues and a one time admin fee of $187 for new members which covers food, admin, trade show marketing, social media, promotional items, name tags, printed material, equipment, IT & website related costs, guest passes and charity efforts

Basic Membership

  1. Includes a standard binder-style Business card holder that holds 200+ business cards
  2. Includes a gold name tag identifying them and their business category
  3. Includes a 10 minute presentation to promote their business to the group at periodic points during the year
  4. Includes Zoom or on-line access to the meetings if you are not able to physically attend
  5. Includes one member to conduct a 60 second infomercial of their business
  6. Includes a spot in the slideshow Lineup in the chapter they belong to.
  7. If there is a permanent Phoenix venue board the member will get prime spot to place their business cards in.
  8. Includes access to educational videos provided by Phoenix to help become more effective with infomercials, networking and much more.
  9. Includes the member to have their business profile on the Phoenix website with editing functions to update their profile on their own

Custom Enhancements to your Membership

  1. Venue Boards – these are permanent business card boards prominently displayed in many of our venues which holds business cards for the members of that chapters and more.  You can arrange to have your business cards displayed in these venues for a nominal cost.
  2. Pull-up Banner – while the meeting is in progress you can display your banner in a prominent place every week for the year.
  3. Pull-up Banners to the other Chapters – you can display your banner to the other chapters that you are not in to increase your exposure.  Ask us for details to see if you qualify.
  4. Main Website Home Page Revolving Banner – On our Phoenix website you can post your business on a revolving banner by the month, quarter, semi-annually or for the year.
  5. Videomercials – you can place your profile in as many chapters outside of your own if there are no conflicts.
  6. Mini Rolling Feature Ads – you can place your ad on our mini rolling ads we have in many of our web pages.
  7. Slideshow during the Meetings – on top of your own chapter you can place your profile in other chapters you are not in to expand your marketing reach.  Some restrictions apply.
  8. Ask us for a rate sheet for more details and opportunities we have for you.
When you meet many businesses you can always find ways to help them.  Businesses that help each other will both benefit as soon as there is an overflow of work or jobs that is not desired as much.
Once the other businesses see you are trying to help they will in turn look for ways to help you. A win-win situation. We belief that networking is about relationships and respect which naturally attracts business to you.

Membership Disclaimer

Phoenix Business Exchange Inc. is committed to created a strong platform for business owners to network together in a safe and welcoming environment.

Phoenix Business Exchange Inc. does not express or imply any warranties or guarantees with respect to any business growth, earnings, financial and /or fiduciary agreements between members and/or visitors. All business relationships, collaborations, communication is the sole responsibility of the individual(s) involved.

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