Member Incentive Program


Ben Dionne for Best Infomercial

Rose Henneberry for Best Presentation

Awarded Milestones for the Year:

Member of the Year for 2017 – Founder Award
This award recognizes an individual with steady referrals, Business Activity Meetings (BAMs), memorable/captivating infomercials and growing our membership by regularly inviting visitors to the chapter over the year. They have the shown the ability to help others, are involved in community activities/charities, have an attitude to grow with the group, motivate others and they exude a high level of enthusiasm that inspires others.
Top Standard of Business Excellence Award
This award recognizes an individual in the membership who has reached the top in their industry for customer service, knowledge, expertise, experience, training, charity projects and an excellence in customer follow-up. They exude professionalism and have a high quality assurance in their business for 2016.
Excellence in Networking Performance Award
This award goes to the individual with the highest number of qualified Referrals, BAMs, Attendance & invited Visitors all combined to the Phoenix group throughout 2016.
Excellence in Business Activity Meetings Award
This award goes to the individual with the most BAMs throughout 2016.
Excellence in Business Referrals Award
This award recognizes the individual with the most qualified referrals for our members for 2016.
Best Business Presentation of the Year Award
This award will go to the member that has displayed and executed the best presentation given to our group that had the greatest impact for 2016.


These awards will be presented at our Phoenix Christmas Party tentatively set for
Sunday December 3, 2017 Location will be announced soon.

Monthly/Quarterly Recognitions

Member Commitment Award
This award recognizes that a member has attained for a one (1) month period at least 5 referrals, 5 BAMs and 1 invited visitor. Multiple members are eligible to attain this at the same time.  This is not a competition but an achievement-based recognition that any member can win.
Best Infomercial of the Month
This award goes to the member that has the most creative, memorable, fun or thought-provoking 60 second infomercial of the month. Here are a few things we would like to see:
  1. Creativity in showing their business
  2. Fun level – use of humor and ease of communication to make it fun and memorable
  3. Use of Props or samples – was it different and entertaining?
  4. Ability to be on time, so they don’t ramble on even after time is up
  5. Expertise level – do they show a high level of knowledge and experience?
  6. Impact Level – would you remember their business because of what they showed or told you?  Is it the same as last week and the week before?
  7. Learning – did you learn something new that is helpful to your life in some way so you will remember if a client has that need?

Best Business Presentation of the Month
This award is given to the member who has the best business presentation of the month.  Here are a few aspects we would like to see:
  1. The method of presenting ie. PowerPoint, demos, videos, standup, fun games, etc.
  2. Ease in understanding more about their business
  3. Professional manner in which they presented
  4. Content – the work and preparation involved in putting the presentation together for the group
  5. Expertise level or amount of experience they have to do the job, for example, referral level (highly recommend or needing more?)
  6. Their passion for their business
  7. What impact did it create in you personally to know more about their industry that will help you as a consumer/user of their product should you be in the market for that product/service?

Most Improved Member Performance Award
This award recognizes the individual who has had the most improvement within the chapter who has demonstrated a steady growth in getting referral for others, BAMs, and attracting visitors to our chapter. They have also shown their enthusiasm, attendance, respect and willingness to help others in this time period. They have also shown a notable self-improvement in their personal life since they have joined.  Only one member will be granted this award at specific moments during the year.